July 10th, 2010

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誕生日おめでとう !!!!!!!!!



Have a great bday party, may all ur dreams come true n live ur life to the fullest!!!

Lastly from me AISHITERU NE~~
tego flower

(translation)-YAMASHITA TOMOHISA in Malaysia mags "E-pop" 07/2010

epop: What is your new dream after you reach 25 years old?
Yamapi:In addition to trying to be a real man who can protect the family well, I also want to enjoy life fully! But before completing the two dreams,I will strive to equip themselves with knowledge. In terms of personality, I really hope to be a responsible and independent man.

epop:fans represent what in your heart?
Yamapi:So far, I work hard for the family, friends and fans. In the eyes of others I rarely do anything for the fans. But in fact, my relationship with the fans like a community that adopts the principle of "Give and Take". With the support of fans, then I can stay lasted until today. As a gift, I will work hard to meet the expectations of my fans as long as I can.

epop: How are you gonna treat your fans who support you?
Yamapi:Last year,I had a concert for the first time.Althogh it hard for me to sing for two hour at the stage,but when look at the fans with satisfied and happy expressions.I determined to do the best in front of the fans.

epop: Did you been educated to be perseverance from early age?
Yamapi:When i was little,my parents always teach me `dont give up,do you best until the last minute`.So,i will not give up as long as i want to do the things that i wanna do.But actually,i dont think this is good for learned because it will burden me.If i have kids in the future,i will definitely tell him that `just give up if you really feel its hard.

epop: For you,what are the important factors in realizing the dream?

Yamapi:Positive attitude.For all the years,i always take a positive attitude in realizing my dream.

epop:Other than dreams,what are the important things in your life?
Yamapi: Sleep,hehe!
If possible, I want to sleep for six hours.Usually,i will sleep early when there is work on the next day.Eevn if my friends invite me out,i will also refuse to join me.hehe!

translation credits to ([info]cha_love_hsj )
credits to : me if taking!!