May 27th, 2010

tego flower


NEWS compatibility test
LJ Username  <input ... >
fave NEWS member <input ... >
your compatibility with Yamapi: - 67%
your compatibility with Ryo: - 52%
your compatibility with Tegoshi: - 64%
your compatibility with Massu: - 62%
your compatibility with Shige: - 100%
your compatibility with Koyama: - 3%
<input ... >
This QuickKwiz by reiko25 - Taken 179 Times.

i'm not compatible with keii-chan??
OMG~!! nande2 ?
so sad :(
at least really really compatible with his bff's SHIGE.

Your NEWS boyfriend
Full Name <input ... >
Age <input ... >
Your NEWS boyfriend is: Shige
He confessed to you when: you were crying in the rain
He confessed to you by: kissing you passionately followed by his confession
He calls you: by your name
He fell in love with you because: you compliment each other
You will be married: after 2 years
<input ... >
This QuickKwiz by reiko25 - Taken 186 Times.

my boyfriend is SHIGE!!
shijiranai~~!! ahaks XD
i'm married after two years.
thats crazy. haha :D